Sunday, 13 September 2015

Valentus Journey Day 4

Valentus Journey Day 4 appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

Today was a lot better, tasting wise. I had my three cups of SlimRoast which went down rather easily. The taste of it is starting to grow on me.

Today is a Sunday and that is usually a very busy day for me. As usual since I started to drink my coffee I am full of energy and was up nice and early this morning. I left everyone to sleep since it  is the weekend.

I started off this morning with a Cup of Tea and 2 Slices of toast with Butter and Marmalade on them. I tend to eat the same breakfast each morning. I took an injection for the carbs I just ate and got on with my daily routine.

Mostly today I have been sitting on my rear trying to build a site and make it the way I want it. Mission Nearly Complete, just a little bit more and it will be done.

What really annoyed me was the fact that I bought a New Computer, I upgraded to Windows 10, and it turns out my Graphics Card and Dreamweaver don’t like each other. So it slows right down, the lag on it is stupid. That just put added stress on me that I wasn’t wanting.

By the time the kids started to surface it was around mid-day. I had got quite a lot done this morning in the kitchen and the living room. Then the shopping was delivered.


So for lunch I went all out and had Sliced Bread, you know the one you cut yourself, and Lurpack. Oh My Heaven I am here. I gave myself a very generous portion of both lol.

I had my second cup of SlimRoast around about 16:00hrs. My body is adapting to it nicely. I have more energy, the more I have the more I use. So working out when to take the coffee allows me to work out what I’m going to do during the day.

I always do Morning, Mid-Afternoon and Evening. I sent the kids round to the shop because they wanted to spend their earnings and they came back with loads of biscuits, I love coconut and my daughter came back with coconut creams, she offered me some and usually I would fire up a cup of tea and say yes.

However today, honestly I didn’t take her up on her offer. I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t have the munchies or anything like that.

Let me STATE THIS FIRST – I am NOT on a diet. I just got into a bad habit of eating everything I could and I wanted a way to control that and to help suppress the emotion to food I would go through.

I can walk into the kitchen now without swinging by the Fridge, make a cup of tea without checking out the biscuit barrel, even get a cup without making a sandwich. I have cooked all day today and not nibbled at any of it.

I admit I did pick up some ham from the fridge, however I seen the dog Bella looking at me with them sad eyes, so I gave her it instead.

As a Diabetic I’m still checking my sugar level throughout the day so that I can see if this is having any affect on me.

I’m a staunch 4 injections every single day, however not this last week. I have been as low as ONE injection during the day and my night injection. I’m NOT medically trained, I’m not a Doctor or anything. I’m just a Type 1 Diabetic 41 year old male at 15 stone (210 lbs).

Here is to another day gone by, no mid-afternoon sleep, no sugar level crashing and funnily enough I’ve noticed not as much depression as I usually go through on a daily routine. Actually I’m going to take more notice of that because I have suffered really bad depression since Jan 2nd 1995.

The post Valentus Journey Day 4 appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

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