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Valentus – News about The First Month with SlimRoast

Valentus – News about The First Month with SlimRoast appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

I’ve left this update for a bit because i wanted to let my body get used to the changes. Anything new that you do, you always get an instant reaction, however it’s when the body gets used to it that you really start to see how something is going to work.

I’ve got 3 sachets left from my first order of SlimRoast. I have worked my way through them, actually worked I think makes you think that it was a task, a chore. I’ve drank my way through the box, surprisingly really fast actually it seems.

My taste buds have got used to the taste, I’m more of a tea man myself. My Yorkshire Tea will always be my cuppa of choice, however I do my SlimRoast first. The tea I use now for my in-between coffee drinks.

My Best weight loss was the first week, but being a diabetic my sugar level crashed twice because i forgot to eat, and I didn’t properly regulate my day.

As a diabetic it’s really something that I need to do. So here is my routine.

Morning SlimRoast Coffee and Breakfast, I either have omelets, or I have 2 slices of toast with butter and marmalade on them. The breakfast for me is pretty standard for the last 20 years or so, it’s not something that I have changed so that I can lose weight.

I usually have a cup of tea around 10am and at 11am, I drink Strawberry water all through the day, but that isn’t something to do with any diet, that’s just what i like. I like to get a few liters of fluids through my system every day.

Between 12 and 1pm I have another SlimRoast and I have my lunch, I’m liking my Chicken Cup a Soup’s just now with some bread. Looking over what i am doing, it looks like I like Bread…..

Again, during the afternoon I drink tea, water etc. IF and that is a BIG IF, I do fancy something to eat, I grab some fruit. I have 2 cockatiels and this is really more for them because i share the fruit with them.

Evening time, which for me is around 5 or 6pm, I cook the kids their dinner then maybe do myself something, I have another SlimRoast coffee and that is really my day. If I don’t have the SlimRoast around my evening meal I might have it later on or sometimes I don’t have it.

My struggle was the day time and boredom eating. I put my order in last week for 3 Packs of SlimRoast, this was separate to the Autoship I have setup purely because I was going to run out of SlimRoast before my Autoship was due to start, this way I have product here at the house that I can share with people and start to build up this as a home based business.

My Weight, thats what your wanting to know… When I started this I was 15 stone which is 210lbs, I went down to 13.9 stone, which is 194lbs and now I am stable at 14.1 stone which is 197lbs.

I don’t want to do crazy weight loss, i want it to be slow and gradual. When I was diagnosed with diabetes back in 1995, I was 14stone, within 4 weeks I went down to 9stone because of everyone’s “Advice”, the shock to my body, the way i felt and the emotional trauma on me, i did not like. So doing any sort of weight loss, or life changing for me I like it to be gradual.

I actually did not believe that this would work. Drinking coffee and losing weight? I have been for a long time thinking about using hunger suppression to help me. I eat because it’s there, I eat because I am bored, I eat because of the urge. i never eat because i was hungry purely because I never let myself get hungry. I don’t now, however i have set a pace on myself with where and when meals will be served.

If you are thinking about losing weight, then I would recommend giving this a try. It’s not fancy food, or stupid out of reach meal plans. it fits in with my life style, it curves my snacking and do you want me to tell you something  else….

As a Type 1 Diabetic since 1995, this last month has been my best sugar level results EVER. My control is brilliant, my sugar levels are closer to the 6 that they keep on shouting at me about, my energy levels are back again, my sleep pattern is better than ever since I’m not snoozing mid afternoon.

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The post Valentus – News about The First Month with SlimRoast appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

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