Saturday, 21 November 2015

Traffic Wave Instruction Manual

It was pointed out to me the other day that some of my emails come from Traffic Wave and some come from Aweber.

Let me explain why and the madness behind it.

There is no doubt that Aweber is a Premium Service. You get a $1 trial and then the basic starts at $19 a month. As you grow your list your Aweber subscription price grows as well. The more you have on your list the more you pay.

AND There lies the problem. How many times do you promote a product and you get the freebie hunters, tyre kickers who just want what you have to offer but are never going to purchase. In essence they are taking up a possible paying persons place.

We can’t say if they are or aren’t going to buy, not everyone on the list will even remember being on the list, however the bigger your list the more money you pay. I know some people who have thousands of people on their list and they pay hundreds of dollars a month for it, but their ROI on the Free to Paid Subscribers is quite low.

Let me introduce you to Traffic Wave. It has a low monthly fee of $18. You get a FREE 30 Day Trial, any signups who upgrade you earn $6 and if your upgrades promote as well then you earn $1 residually. So you can see instantly MONEY.

If you were to put up a free offer and it was to be picked up by big media and 500k people signed up, in Traffic Wave your monthly outgoing would be…. $18 STILL.

No matter how big you build your list on Traffic Wave your monthly price stays the same. Can you see how this benefits you as you build your list.

So how to use the two of them together. First things first, don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. You have heard that a few times I’m sure. So that is one reason for having two autoresponders from different companies.

I use JVZoo, so i setup my product in JVZoo and i attach aweber to that jvzoo product so any sales i get the buyer goes on to my aweber. In aweber I am building my BUYERS List, where as in Traffic Wave I am building my ALL Inclusive list.

The affiliate income I earn from promoting Traffic Wave helps pay for the monthly fee of Aweber, plus my affiliate earnings covers my Traffic Wave fees.

Does that all make sense.

  • Promote Traffic Wave to pay for Aweber
  • Build my Traffic Wave and sell to my list and put the buyers into Aweber
  • Teach my Traffic Wave subscribers how to do the same.

Download my Traffic Wave Tutorial Manual below so that you can see how to use Traffic Wave.


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