Monday, 28 December 2015

Get $100 a Day on Amazon at least

I follow a guy called Jermaine Steele on Facebook. I’m always wanting to learn and I came across one of his videos and did a search for him on Facebook. I share what he puts out with my team and with others as well.

I’m starting to do a bit more on Amazon and I wanted to share with you some hints, tips and strategies on doing Amazon.


What really comes down to making money is having money. You have heard it yourself a thousand times, you need it to make it. What I like about what Jermaine teaches is that you can start from a very low income standpoint. Yeah it takes work, but so does WORK, anything you want to do takes some learning and this is no different. The beauty of this is you can scale it up and work on it.

Remember Knowledge = More Money because the more you know the more you  can use.

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