Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Stop Forcing the Mountain to Move: Climb It Instead

The game of life— it’s a tricky one. Circumstances within our lives at times throw obstacles in our way to set us off course. Sometimes these obstacles are self-directed and other times they’re simply out of our control. More times than not, it’s the circumstances that are not within our control that may cause us to question our life’s purpose. Should we stay at our job, take a financial risk on a new venture, let family or friends ‘go’, or move to a new location-no matter the question, the decisions we make can change our lives for the better or worse. For those who have experienced the worse, sometimes you simply want to throw your hands up in the air and tell life and its issues goodbye.

So what do you do when you’re forcing the mountain to move and it won’t budge?

I have heard people share that sometimes in order to make a way out of no way, you simply have to force it to move. What happens if you are pushing with all your might and it still won’t move? Sometimes you have to climb it instead.

As I reflect on my life’s journeys, it seems like the last 10 were the most challenging. Every obstacle you could have, from relationship to finances to job security was more than one person could or should ever have to endure. Just like many of you reading this, I lost my way. I felt like I was losing my purpose in life to the point I no longer recognized myself. The weight of life was bearing heavily on my back and I felt drained, alone, and almost quit! Then I realized that I couldn’t force or push something heavier than myself. I had to find the crevices in mountain and learn to leverage them until I reached the top.

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One of the greatest mountains that I vividly remember was having a child who seemed to get sick every time the wind blew. For those of you reading this article, whether it’s your child or you personally, you know how challenging it can be to take time off from work to care of yourself or your loved one IF you fail to have sufficient leave time. If you are like me, you’re counting the number of sick leave time you have for the year while considering your bills and your paycheck. Sad but true, we are often trading dollars for the care of ourselves and our loved ones.

So, as I recall one turning point in my life, I remember becoming extremely ill one year after my son caught a nasty bug at daycare. I remember going to the urgent care, hoping and praying that I would only have to be off work for one day. I also remember the guilt I felt that I was compromising my son’s health in order to ensure that there was food on the table and bills were paid on time. I remember how heavily this issue weighed on my psyche. All I could think about was how this one event could change our family’s situation for the worse. I started to lose faith in humanity. I began to despise my JOB and I felt like failed my child as I need my JOB!

Scream as loud as you can and climb the mountain instead!

I was finished crying. I was tired of the tears. I came to the point where I simply yelled instead. I had to take control of something that weighed more and stood taller than I did. I decided to climb the mountain instead.

Climbing the mountain taught me three things:

1. Look up: What I wanted was in front of me! Those things that shaped me (good or bad) were beneath me. If I wanted to climb the mountain, I had to keep moving. When I allow adverse circumstances to control me, I’ll lose my footing. Instead, when you look upward, you’ll find those things and people around who truly have your best interest at heart. So look up!

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2. Believe in yourself: Never allow the storms in your life to rent space in your mind. Never allow negative people or circumstances to control your individuality. Instead, take time to evaluate your circumstances and make changes as needed. You’re working your way to the top so believe in yourself and never quit!

3. Winning your risk: Stop sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the magic pill to change your circumstances. If you’re always waiting for someone or something to change your circumstances, it may never happen. Learn to take chances in life that will help improve the quality of your life. Leverage the crevices in the body of the mountain and go for it!

In the end, mountains are simply a part of life. Obstacles will always be in your way. It’s how you move through the obstacles and climb up the mountain that will shape your being. You were born to win at this game we call life. So run the race that will lead you to your VICTORY.

Dr. April Lisbon-Peoples is a nationally recognized professional life coach and a global entrepreneur. To learn more about Dr. Lisbon-Peoples coaching services, email her at fit2burn2earn@gmail.com or connect with her on LinkedIn. You may also visit her website, http://ift.tt/1MUNzgZ, to learn more about her entrepreneurial endeavors.

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