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Blast Your Opportunity To Everyone You Know

Blast Your Opportunity To Everyone You Know appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

When I first got involved in Network Marketing I read a lot of material before hand. Infact reading that material was the main reason I never actually got involved in Network Marketing.

It says write down your family, relatives, friends, business associates and build from there first.

I’ve told ONE Person that I personally know about what I do online, he is interested but he hasn’t taken any action. The time just now isn’t right. I will get back to him when his head is in a better place for all of this.

Technology now has surpassed what anyone could have ever imagined. I remember the PRE Facebook days lol.

I know the practice is still taught a lot these days, but for me its not really something that I like or do. Yeah if I find an opportunity that is working then I will share it with them, help them onboard, get them setup and all that.

What people are finding more and the way technology is changing, people don’t want to be sold. If they go to ebay, clickbank, jvzoo then they are looking at buying. If they go to facebook, google plus etc then they are looking for information.

I’ve found that the best way to engage people is by using content, this blog, free reports, ebooks, posts in groups, I try and share information, videos and all them sort of things.

If I want to promote Banner Advertising, then I would create a product based around that which would help people understand then I would turn the doc into a pdf and give it away. Here is a live example of such a product :


If I wanted to help my team with Facebook, since its such a popular social site, then I would put a product together and again make it into a pdf and give it away.


Whats really good about this method is people love to share, so they will give your report away for free, even if they had to signup for it, this is long term traffic that will come from little pdfs.

Even adding people into programs,  show them how the program works, how to signup etc and then give it away. Doing this is really an easy method and a great method for building up trust and your team. I use IBOToolbox and here is another free gift


As you can see they are not difficult to do, they can be shared with your list, given away on social sites. Think about the programs your part of and what you want to promote, then write about it, save it and promote it.

The post Blast Your Opportunity To Everyone You Know appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

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