Tuesday, 25 August 2015

You Cannot Do Network Marketing On Your OWN

You Cannot Do Network Marketing On Your OWN appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

It’s great that your a one person army. You can do CPanel, FTP, Resell Rights, Promotion, the list goes on and on. However when it comes to Network Marketing you really do need a team around you.

ONLY in Network Marketing do you earn from leveraging your team. You train them, you help them, you support them, so why shouldn’t you get rewarded for your help and support.

If you joined an Offline Job, would you not have someone show you around, how things are done, systems they have in place, best practices etc before they let you go on your own.

Can a ONE Person Football Team win the Premier League? I think NOT. You need to have that team around you. Everyone has different skills, different experiences and different ways of doing things. You might lack in one area where another person excels, you might excel where another lacks.

Whats great about Network Marketing is that when we work together, I show you the system, I show you the programs we use, and I show you how we are doing things. You Duplicate what works and you teach your team. From there you learn and build your own skill set and you then pass that on to your team. Everyone builds their own little part of the business, however the bigger picture is the same goal.

So here is our system in Karatbars International.

  • Give away FREE Karatbars International Savings Accounts
  • Complete Your Application
  • Setup Your System
  • Setup Your Monthly Purchase
  • Tell Others

This system is a complete duplication and one that is very easy to implement. Now I know I went over “Spill Over” in a previous post. So read that and realise the difference. There is and will be an element of “Spill Over” purely because of the way the system is built.

I will still be their upline,  they will still be in my business, I will still be working with them, however their placement will be in my downline. That means if you are in first then they will be below YOU.

Easy to see how quickly this can build up. Everyone duplicates the system and everyone builds a good team which then brings in a good income. One that more often than anything will replace your offline income and start to allow you that financial freedom.

Using such a system you can do this whilst you work, study, look after the kids, do your shifts, it’s one that builds over time.

I would love to work with you, If you take the time to read this then I want you on my team.

The post You Cannot Do Network Marketing On Your OWN appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

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