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Are YOU Building Relationships

Are YOU Building Relationships appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

In my attempts at Network Marketing I have joined a few failed companies. Some where pure digital so there was no real product, however that was my early experience to it all, and the other was a health bracelet or something that I just didn’t believe in.

What if you joined a company and then it went bust. Don’t laugh because it happens a lot and it’s also happened to many  people. How would you cope, what would you do. Do you think you would need to start from scratch again?

Think about this for a second. People don’t buy into the company, they buy in to YOU. So if you are building trust and connecting with your prospects and sharing with them then the people you connect with will follow you.

In Karatbars International we call this KYC or Know Your Customer.

Taking the time to KYC my prospects allows me to be exposed to other income streams, obviously I’m not going to be in them all, however it does give me that opportunity.

Using KYC also allows me to build a network of people around me. You do understand that you don’t need a network of thousands to be a success in your business.

You just need a few that are following the system. Joined the Program, at least Minimum Level, Auto Ship. Just having a few people follow the system and not try and game it you will build real financial freedom. If people follow and they do, you build up a relationship with them and in return they build trust with you.

I help my team. I am very technically minded online, so WordPress installs, social integration, setting up systems etc are all quite easy for me. By doing this for my team members, it allows them a platform that they can build upon. Not just promote the business that I introduce them to, but let them explore further their own goals and put them into real achievable action.

If you are building your Network Marketing and your not building those types of relationships, your future is very limited. No One Person is an Island. I learned that the hard way. You need people around you to help you succeed. You need their support, their strengths and their weaknesses.

As you build your team, you might think the more the better because its a numbers game, well that might be the case, however its the ones that respond to you. Thats the ones you wont to focus on more.

This strategy will in the long run pay off BIG Time for you. Building relationships that last means if your company doesn’t it doesn’t matter because you will have a team around you who will support you, even join you in your next venture.

Do Not Promote the Company Promote Yourself. Thats what lasts.

The post Are YOU Building Relationships appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

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