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Creating a Welfare Mentality in Network Marketing

Creating a Welfare Mentality in Network Marketing appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

I market Karatbars Gold International. When I was looking around to join a company I noticed that a lot of people were “Promising” spill over. ALL I had to do was Join Them.

That got me to thinking, so if I join them I don’t need to build my team….

and that became a problem for me. I admit I want help building my team, but I don’t want to get into the frame of mind that someone else will do it. I don’t want to depend on someone else to build my team. Once you get that mentality you start to get lazy and blame everyone else for your failings. You start to blame your team for you not making lots of money.

I have said in my posts and promotions about “Spill Over” however it’s been part of a system. You build your team, you learn the tools, you write your posts, you learn your business. Build up a good team and you will get spill over.

Here is the downfall though of spill over, if you depend on that, most people will not get paid EVER.  If you don’t learn your business and if you don’t build it then it honestly doesn’t  matter how much spill over you have, with the wrong mentality you will not make any money.

You need to have your own space, e.g, you need to learn your company e.g Karatbars International, you need to use the tools available to you that are provided and you need to create your own as well.

Spill over is great if your actively building your team, your using the tools and sharing. But if your waiting on someone else building your team, it’s not going to work.

I am going to let you into a BIG Secret. It’s the person who does the work that gets the pay

I’ve seen the word “spillover” being used as a tool to drag in people who think they can build a business without doing any work. In other words,

  • no sponsoring
  • no recruiting

It targets that type of person.  For me it means your targeting the Quitters, Short Cut Makers, Something for Nothing Culture.  The problem for you as a Network Marketer is that  you can’t build with these people, unless YOU do all the work!

That’s what they expect. And when you don’t build their business, they’ll be off somewhere else, looking for a better welfare plan.  You will see teams saying they built teams of thousands and offering the “spill over” but if no one is doing the monthly purchase, no one is doing the work, no one is building a business.

This isn’t the sort of business you want to be part of. You want to be the master of your own Business. Learn the tools, use the resources and build your own leads.


The post Creating a Welfare Mentality in Network Marketing appeared first on James Reilly. #TeamGKB

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