Sunday, 22 November 2015

Reprogram Your Brain Part 2

When you start to look into the brain, really we don’t fully understand it. Most of the information that we have been told we have been lies. I don’t believe that as human beings we only use 10% of our brains, that suggests there is a key somewhere that we can unlock the other 90%, or that there is a way to keep us imprisoned in the 10% thought and always searching for the secret.

I believe that as human beings our journey should be a journey of knowledge and self growth, if you don’t know something then learn it. More so today because there is so much information out there.

ALL through my school years i was stupid, I was dumb and I would get no where in life. That was the school education system that told me that almost daily. Then at home there was no inspiration for me, life was not about being better than my parents it was about being unemployed and being angry because it was everyone else fault.

When I was thinking about my future i was 12, we were picking the subjects we wanted to do at secondary school so that we could get a job when we were 16. Everything was written down in the booklet, it was A to Z with the subjects you needed to do to get into that Job.

There were lists and lists, Dr, Lawyer, Fireman, Teacher, Police the list went on and on. Most of my prejudice was not through my own experience but through my Parents and the people around them. Looking through the list there was no hope for me. That night at home i was watching the news and there was another IRA Attack, the soldiers were there in their Wagons and doing what they could.

That was when it hit me. A Soldier. I didn’t know any, I don’t have any relatives who are or was. I excitedly told my dad about my choice and his response was

“No son of mine will ever join the fucking Army” and shut me down instantly. WOW, I couldn’t even get my future right. Over the years I took beatings, I got shouted at, I got verbally and physically abused, I started to go a bit off the rails with Alcohol and getting into trouble. Then when I was 17 the Army came up in conversation with a friend. We encouraged each other and we both signed up. He joined the Royal Artillery (Paul Romanes from Bo’ness) and I joined the Royal Signals.

Right up until Jan 2nd 1995 my life was a put down, it was a struggle, my thought process, my belief in myself and what i can do or even could do was always a struggle. In life up until that point, no matter how good I did for myself or anyone around me, I felt like i didn’t deserve it because I was too stupid to do it and get it done.

This post isn’t supposed to be about me and my life story, its supposed to be about the way that i have taken control of my brain, I have reprogrammed my computer in my head but to show how I have done this, I’m needing to explain how I got to where I was through the experience and actions I have taken in my life.

If I just wrote a post and said, “Buy This” its good, I wouldn’t feel comfortable because there isn’t information there from me based around why it’s good and why I recommend it.

  1. Have you ever smelled fresh cookies, and instantly thought of something that happened in your childhood.
  2. Or heard an old song on the radio and thought of a person that has long gone.
  3. Even smells can trigger because certain smells release chemicals that make us relax… or cringe. Certain sounds spark feelings of contentment…or fear…

If I listen to Celine Dion “Think Twice” I can travel back in time in my head to Krefeld in Germany to just after Jan 2nd 1995 and put myself back into that mind frame again, how I felt, how I wanted to die, how i wanted to punish myself, I can make that memory engulf me, If I listen to happy hard core i can put myself back to basic training in 1992, going to Richmond and all the stupid things I did in basic Training and Trade Training, if I hear the song 99 Red Ballons, I am in Jimmy’s in Catterick up in 8 Sigs, dancing with a few SAS lads and running on the spot as it gets faster and faster lol.

Hadaway “What is Love” takes me to the Marley in JHQ. It also triggers lots of other songs and memories associated to around that time, things i said, people i was with, things i did, and regrets that i didn’t do. If I smell apples, or apple juice it reminds me of Apfelkorn and I can get the feeling of being drunk from it, even though i stopped drinking way back in 2000 lol.

To me the brain is a very powerful machine. When I get old, as long as I have music from my past, I can time travel anywhere and not worry about where I am or what my body is going through.

If we can alter the program then we can change, we can make big changes in our life. Things that we “THOUGHT” we couldn’t do, we could make more possible, or easier to handle, or complete.

One fascination that has got me that I came across is cognitive behavioral therapy which is a type of psychotherapy in which negative patterns of thought about the self and the world are challenged in order to alter unwanted behavior patterns or treat mood disorders such as depression.. Most doctors jump on the medication side of it first but to be honest I don’t want medication, i want to help me not just block it out.

This journey is about me changing the way I feel about my past so that I don’t have the bad thoughts or memories, and then using a system like “The Secret Brain System” to change myself so that I can adapt to and create my own future.

IF I have learned anything it’s that my past does not reflect my future. I am not defined by my past.

When we drove into the street where we live now, I had to rush the wife through looking at the house because we didn’t fit in here. It was too posh. I didn’t have the enjoyment or excitement she had because of the way I thought. I’m ashamed of myself for having that thought, I do deserve to live here, I do deserve everything I have in my life. If I want it I get it.

The Secret Brain System” makes use of a special technique revolving around the brain waves. The mechanism is called binaural frequency, or also known as brainwave entertainment technology. To be honest,I heard about this way back Germany and it did actually sound a bit hocus pocus at the time. Then again a 486DX was a top of the range desktop computer back then lol.

It works by stimulating the brain waves. The brain is made up of billions of neurons and they all communicate through electrical impulses. It is this electrical activity that makes up the various brain waves, and that is where the entertainment comes in, to stimulate the specific mental state.

You know from what I have said that you can put yourself into a mental state, imagine changing that mental state so it was  no longer dragging you down, but it gave you energy and encouraged you further in life than you could ever imagine.

So let me introduce you to “The Secret Brain System” . An all-rounded collection of 10 audios, the package is aimed at increasing the capability of the brain functions.

How does it work?

Well, the audios work by reprogramming the specific type of brain waves. Because of this reprogramming, the brain is able to increase its focus, create a heightened level of creativity, enhance the mood and accelerate the mental learning speed and capacity and so on.

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