Monday, 9 November 2015

Reversing My Type 1 Diabetic Disabilities

Let me first say this, You cannot reverse Type 1 Diabetes. However you can get better control of it and lead a better life.

Diabetes has controlled me for over 20 years now. I became a Type 1 Diabetic in Dec 1995. It ended my Army Career, It lost me a few Employments, it stopped me getting Jobs I went after.

To say I hate my diabetes is an understatement. It has made me crazy depressed, it has made me a recluse, it has made me a prisoner of my own creation, it's torn me apart.

I made some money selling a website  a few years back and I was after a new car. The wife had seen a Mitsubishi FTO, but honestly I didn't like them and the price was too high. I was looking around ebay as you do and I seen a car for sale. A Toyota MR2 in white, nice looking sports car, and it had a Mitsubishi FTO Sports Kit with it, so you could make it look like an FTO. I left the page up because I was watching it, not really looking to buy it, just wanted to see what it went for, when I went to bed, I left the wife up as she was on the computer and when I woke up in the morning, the money I made from selling the site, she bought the Toyota MR2 lol.

I was annoyed but also excited, I got it all fixed and put back on the road, yes it was a NON Runner, but honestly it wasn't practical, at the time I had 3 kids and the wife, and it was only a 2 seater car, so I got rid of it. However it did spike my interest on the FTO.

Skip a few years and back on ebay I found one for sale, I won the auction and went over to the main land to get it. I didn't realise it would be a NON Runner, e.g the battery had a charge but the Alternator was dead. So when I got it back on to the island the car died.

I took the opportunity of it not working to replace the Alternator, the battery terminals, new suspension, new tyres, brakes, pads, poly bushes, lower springs, and a whole lot of other things. After a good month or so of owning it, the FTO was on the road.

I drove it around for a few months and the Torque went, so back to the garage and I got it all replaced and fixed, back on the road again and my Diabetes caused me hell. I had to stop driving the FTO. We bought it in Feb 2010. I Sorned it and MOT'd it each year but I was still too ill, too sore, too broken to drive it because of my diabetes.

I've actually sold the car, but when i took it round to wash and clean it, I couldn't sell it, not the fact that the wife was crying, but it also looked really good.and there was nothing wrong with it. Considering all the work i paid into it, i know we wont get back, but it makes it a car that will last a life time.

I found SlimRoast coffee about 3 months ago and every day I am changing, my body is getting better, stronger, blood is giving great results SO out of curiosity I got an insurance quote on it. They said £14 PER MONTH Fully Comp.

I was in shock and decide to take the insurance out there and then lol. So it now is an incentive to put it on the road. Start to use it and get it out there again.

Let me show you my car, the black one is the Family one, that is a SSangYong Rodius.

The ONLY Reason I am able to think about keeping the car and putting it to use again is because I am feeling better, my diabetes is showing better results.

I am NOT a Doctor, I'm not medically trained. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and my readings have been brilliant since starting this. I have new energy, a new lease of life and a new purpose now.

If it were not for the SlimRoast Coffee from Valentus, My life was on a decline and I had accepted that I would die. Now the possibilities are endless with it and I have a new lease that I am going to put to full use.

I would love for you to check out Valentus and see if it could change your life.

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