Tuesday, 10 November 2015

SlimRoast Coffee Arrived

THANK GOD my SlimRoast Coffee came. I was going NUTS without it. I actually thought whilst drinking it that it probably wasn't working for me.

Well I had 10 days off because I ran out of product and it allowed me to see the both sides of me on and off coffee.

On the coffee, my mood is better, I'm a bit more upfront and I appear to be LOUD lol. I have an abundance of energy, not happy overly done energy, just the ability to get off my butt and actually take charge for a change.

Not on the Coffee I really seen the difference, so did my wife and kids. My mood was a bit darker, my emotions were a bit all over the place, I could feel myself start to shut the outside out and withdraw back in to myself, I was "Snacking" more, even when my sugar level was high and I wasn't even hungry.

My Energy levels were getting depleted faster than the last few months.

I DO NOT Like who I am, or better still who I have become. Over the years I have let everything engulf me and take over. Politics, Memories, Thoughts, Smells, Music, People, The Kids School, everything that could get me I let it get me.

It is not a nice place to be, there is no break from it, it doesn't stop. Sometimes when I slept, in my dream I could be on a High but then I wake up and it's not the reality I was in a few minutes ago and it would bring me to the ground in a heart beat. Other times, I was so down in my dreams when I woke up, I couldn't come up because it made me so down, it would just carry on, sleeping or awake made no difference.

The ONLY Difference is - Reality. In the real world people couldn't understand what was going on with me because what happened only happened when I was sleeping, so it was kinda hard to try and explain it.

I have tracked my SlimRoast coffee everyday since I ordered it from Valentus. It was in London on Friday and on my table by Monday Morning. Now that is good going considering I live on the Isle of Wight.

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