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10 Ways To Improve Your SEO With Social Media

10 Ways To Improve Your SEO With Social Media

Do you know that your site’s SEO can vastly improve with the help of social media?

Yes, your various social media accounts can increase your SEO.

SEO or otherwise known as search engine optimization is a strategic method of tactics and techniques to obtain high traffic to the site simply by appearing on the first page of various search engine results.

Normally, a search will lead to many answers, and it’s every blog owner’s dream to be on top of the first page. This is because results on the first page are guaranteed clicks. A site or a URL’s ranking will be based on the amount of traffic it gets. The more clicks you get, the better your rankings are.

Social media is one way to syndicate the information about a particular article you’ve written for your website. As most people are active on the net and usually have different social media accounts, you can inform as many people as you want about updates on your site or business.

You would often see articles or article URLs being shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Does this really affect your site on search engine results?

seo and social media

Here are 10 steps to improve your SEO through social media:

Your various social media accounts can serve as your PR platform for informing your friends, family and followers about updates on your websites. When properly done or once you have created a systematic process, there will be a harmonious relationship between your site and social media accounts. Once this has been synergized, this is one aspect of your business that you don’t have to worry about.

Promotions in social media give exposure to your business. The more visible you are on social media, the better the chances of other people visiting your website or including links to your site o their own blogs. This is possible especially when you have already built a comfortable relationship with people like you. Sharing information is pretty normal after all.

Talking about your website and sharing articles and links about your site guarantees an increase in your site’s traffic. This is because social media has an extensive reach and information can be repeatedly shared by people interested in what you have to offer.

For example, you posted on Facebook about the latest product you are selling to your site. This may or may not attract the attention of most of your social media contacts. Those who took the time to read your post will probably visit your site AND might share it on social media if they like it enough.

Aside from replying back and forth on the comment box of your articles, there is no other way you can interact with readers on your website.  This is where social media can help you. You can start interacting with your readers through your various social media accounts. Facebook for one allows you to have a private conversation with your friends and other contacts. This makes communicating with other people so much faster and more convenient.

your opinion counts

Do you want to know what your customers really think about your business? You can just ask them! Use social media to gather feedback from your clients.

Unsure where your business is heading? Why don’t you ask your target audience where they want your business to go to? You can even use Twitter Polls to ask for your audience’s opinions.


Social media is a very influential factor in the success (or the lack of it) of a brand’s marketing efforts and advertising campaign. You may wonder why. This is because most businesses use social media to promote and whether you like it or not, people tend to gravitate towards products or services that have been received quite favorably by people on social media.

One good example for this is the website Go Fund Me, a crowdfunding website that allows you to ask people to help fund various causes like tragedies, accidents, and life changing illness. People can even donate anonymously any desired amount that they would want. As in the case of Chris Mintz, a UCC shooting survivor, a fundraising was done to help him out, and 24,077 people donated over $816,717 in just one month. Most of these donations came from complete strangers. Social media helped raise awareness regarding this fundraising campaign as it spread the news like wildfire.

social media as search engine
People nowadays do not depend solely on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to get the information they want. Some use their social media accounts to provide them with their needed information.

How will that affect your own SEO?

Supposing you own an online shop selling clothes. You post pictures on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. A future customer uses these accounts to look for online shops and happen to stumble upon one of your posts. They will click on your post for more details. If you have included the URL of your website, chances, are they would visit it to check for more options.

Future customers would also like to know if your brand or company has a strong social media background. They would like to know how relevant your online presence is.

Unlike Google, which listed social media shares as just 1 of the 200 factors for search rankings, Bing, on the other hand, has been very vocal in saying that social signals factor greatly in their algorithm for search results.

This means that the more social media noise your website creates, the better your rankings on Bing.

Future customers would also like to know if your brand or company has a strong social media background. They would like to know how relevant your online presence is. If your business is quite active in social media, it gives the impression that you are on top of things and knew how to go with the flow. Most customers see a business’s social media accounts as a reflection of what the business is really all about.

Your content gets indexed based on several key considerations- relevance of your content to your target keyword and the number of social media shares it has. If your content gets shared time and again, your content gets noticed by these search engines and it gets indexed faster than those with weaker social media engagements.

Again, different search engines have different factors for consideration in their algorithms. So rankings on Bing, Yahoo and Google will differ.

Branding is the practice or the art of creating a definitive name or symbol for your business to differentiate you from other similar business. Social media allows you to promote your business in a distinct way.  When you have created effective branding for your business, specific keywords will be associated with your brand.  The more you use these keywords in association with your brand in social media, the more influential you have become in your chosen niche.

Just as the name implies, influencers are people or businesses whose voice are considered authority about certain subjects. Influencers are normally active on social media, and they enjoy many followers in their various social media accounts. Influencers can command people to follow your site.

Social media’s impact on SEO varies depending on which search engine you are using.  Google, the #1 search engine, changes their point of view regarding social media’s role in SEO from time to time. Not long ago, they swore that social signals have no relevance to their algorithms though just recently, they have included social media mentions as one of their factors in calculating search engine results

As mentioned above, Bing, on the other hand, considers social media as an important element in computing SEO rankings.

seo deserves great ranking

Whenever you produce content on your site, it is always your aim that aside from creating quality content full of relevant information, many people will be able to read it as well. Social media can help you promote your content. Through social media, you can share your content not only to those who follow your website but to your friends and followers as well in the fastest possible way. Once your content goes viral, it’s safe to assume that your traffic will skyrocket.

Social media is crucial for your business to stay relevant. Its impact on search engine results may not be as great as you would like it to be nevertheless it can cement your reputation as a recognized influencer for your chosen niche.  In retrospect, social media is just as important as SEO when it comes to your business.

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